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Teaming Teaming is a necessity. It allows you to compete for government contracts with the help of other experts that fill the gaps required in current statements of work. It is not "if" you will team; it is 'when."

Most Requests for Proposals are a contest between teams and not between individual companies. We can thank our tech-focused world and highly competitive government marketplace for teaming.

It is simply a requirement to be competitive. By combining complementary capabilities and resources, the Government gets a robust service or product offering. Contractor teaming arrangements often include individual companies that complete specific tasks as experts, such as:

  • Research;

  • Development;

  • Production;

  • Integration; and

  • Implementation of complex technology.

Teaming allows you to work in a technical area or on a project that you may not have the full capability or resources to perform.

Contractor Teaming Arrangement

The combination of each company's in-depth knowledge provides a greater pool of ideas and can often result in compliance with the Government's socio-economic goals. When companies with complementary expertise combine their skills, the proposal is more effective and efficient.

The Busch Law Firm, thanks to its wide network, works with clients to form an effective proposal team. Along with your technical expertise, we know how to address the complex solicitation requirements for mission success. If the team wins, then we can help you create the appropriate subcontract relationship with your team member.

Teaming Agreement

Solicitations must be thoroughly discussed and analyzed to determine the Government objectives and goals. Along with solicitation requirements, it is important that the terms and conditions of the teaming agreement must also outline the duties and obligations of each team member. You must also identify any past performance issues that need to be addressed to ensure the Government finds your team a viable competitor.

Since the teaming concept links each member's success to other members of the team (sometimes past competitors), the teaming agreement must be clear, thorough and include:

    Teaming Agreement
  • Benefits;

  • Division of resources;

  • Common risks;

  • Risk mitigation approach;

  • Strategy;

  • Post-award plan; and

  • Anti-competitive concerns.

These provisions will provide a road map for how the team members work together.

Are you overwhelmed yet?

Teaming Agreements in Government Contracts

The Busch Law Firm is confident that teaming has its advantages. We have seen it many times over the last several decades. An effective team can:

  • Leverage expertise;

  • Reduce risk;

  • Help in cost of performance; and

  • Ease market entry.

We would like to help you form that effective team. To do so, we will advise you not to use a teaming agreement to:

  • Gain access to another company's technology or process;

  • Eliminate risk;

  • Gain access to a new market without accepting the appropriate commitment;

  • Reduce competition; and

  • Cover-up past performance issues of your company or another company's team member.

Before negotiation of the teaming agreement terms and conditions, we will work with you and your team members to create a memorandum of agreement to explore the Government opportunities in the solicitation. This memorandum demonstrates for the Government that an "official" team is being formed to address their mission success needs.

Government Contracts Regulations

The Busch Law Firm will work with you to complete initial formation of the team, draft the terms and conditions of the teaming agreement and ensure compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation to effectively compete under the terms of the solicitation.

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