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State and Local Government Contracts

Local Government Contracts State and local government procurement can represent a very different challenge. This challenge, however, can also provide you with substantial business opportunities. Ready to find out how?

Colorado State Purchasing

Local, state and federal purchasing regulations and processes all differ. From town to town, county to county and state to state, the rules are different. It really is a maze of complex procurement rules. Colorado is no different or any easier.

For instance, in Colorado, the Colorado Procurement Code is patterned after the federal model. Nevertheless, it has some very different approaches or procedures. Additionally, local government procurement is governed by local ordinances that are not necessarily consistent with the state process. Many of our clients choose to consult with our office to ensure they meet all their proposal and contract responsibilities.

If your business is interested in state purchasing of any kind, you need a government contracts attorney who knows how each set of procurement codes function and how you can navigate the opportunities and obligations of each.

State Government Procurement Principles

The basic guiding principles in State Purchasing is founded on three objectives:

  1. Efficiency and economy through competition;

  2. Public confidence in integrity of the process; and

  3. Fair and equal treatment of persons who deal with the procurement system.

There are several other things to note about state government procurement:

  1. If a state agency funds a contract with federal money, there are federal requirements that will actually apply to that state contract.

  2. Colorado courts have used the federal law when applying policies that are common with the state and federal procurement. The state procurement agency and courts, however, are not obligated to be consistent. Consequently, the Federal Acquisition Regulation is used when state attorneys are looking for justifications of various procurement and contracting issues. Sadly, federal procurement law is only used as guidance.

Are you equipped to deal with these issues?

State Contracting

State Contracts The Busch Law Firm can help you find your way through the matrix of state and local procurement regulations, laws, policies and procedures. To be successful, you must understand the importance of the contract administration areas if you plan to do business with the state and local governments.

Those areas include:

  • Ethics and procurement integrity requirements;

  • Responding to requests for proposals and invitations to bid;

  • Negotiation and counseling on terms and conditions;

  • Small and minority businesses;

  • Filing and defending against bid protests;

  • Pursuing and defending against public records (FOIA) requests;

  • Contract claim and dispute resolution; and

  • State preference law for local contractors.

There is much to know about state contracting which, as a business owner, you cannot be expected to know. We always focus on educating our clients as well as advising them on the best, most ethical and most economical approaches to government contracts.

Government Contract Attorney Colorado

The Busch Law Firm's experience with federal procurement laws and how they may be applied are necessary for Colorado companies interested in procurements due to the state's reliance on the federal system. Our experience working at the local levels is focused on giving you ample opportunity to pursue state or local opportunities as it suits your business.

To learn more or to discuss your pursuit/performance of state or local business, contact us directly. We offer free initial consultations.

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