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Military and Federal Construction

Government Construction

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Federal construction is governed by a maze of statutes and regulations that are difficult to interpret. Choose a lawyer whose only practice is government contracts; not one that offers it in a long list of other practice areas. Your business depends on it.

Government Construction Contracts

Disputes and litigation of military and federal construction contracts are expensive and costs you and your employees a great deal of time. The Busch Law Firm works to resolve construction contract disputes and litigation swiftly and with as little impact on your business as possible.

When we settle federal construction claims, we focus on:

  • Maintaining relationships;

  • The benefit of the bargain; and

  • Achieving successful past performance ratings.

Along with these facts, the key to resolving construction issues is to know Government contract administration and the law.

The Busch Law Firm's experience as a General Counsel, a mediator and as a government contracts lawyer will provide you with a unique insight in resolving construction issues.

The Complexity of the Government Contracting Process

Government construction contracts are complex due to:

  • Untested designs;

  • Site conditions;

  • Unique requirements;

  • Broad changes clause;

  • Exact contract administration;

  • Payment for subcontractors;

  • Needs of a variety of subcontractors; and

  • Vigorous competition.

All of the above challenges usually result in design and performance problems that require resolution... and fast due to competitive pricing. Proactive representation by an experienced government contract lawyer is important to avoid problems before they occur.

Federal Contractor Requirements

Understanding the obligations inherent as a federal construction contractor include:

Government Procurement Construction Lawyer

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  • Payment to prime contractors and subcontractors;

  • Changes;

  • Default;

  • Differing site conditions;

  • Disputes;

  • Inspections; and

  • Many other clauses.

In every one of our client relationships, we caution that treating provisions as "boilerplate" is a risky move. These obligations are critical to protecting your rights and the benefit of the bargain. You must sit down with a government contracts lawyer with experience in federal construction contracts to review all provisions immediately and make a plan for success in the Government construction marketplace.

Government Subcontracting

Do You Hire Government Subcontractors?

Of course, you do. You've got a big, complex job on your hands.

The obligations of prime and subcontractors on a government construction project are equally important to the success of a project. Do you have a thorough understanding of all the obligations contained at every tier of construction agreements?

Construction Contract Attorney

The Busch Law Firm advises construction contractor clients on prime and subcontract agreements and purchase order forms. They also advise subcontractors on their obligations to support the prime contractor to ensure mission success. This service is available to you at all times, not just in times of conflict.

To learn more about the Busch Law Firm and how we may be able to help you in a government construction contract (federal, state, or local), contact us on 303-904-9439 to schedule your free consultation.

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