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Government Contract Compliance

Government contracts is a unique area of law because you are contracting for the public good and the use of public funds. That's why you need a firm that focuses their practice primarily on government contracts compliance.

The laws, regulations and executive orders that define the Government procurement process should not be considered standalone requirements. Think of laws, regulations, and executive orders like a complex algebraic formula.

You need an understanding of the formula and of the pieces that complete the whole to uncover the solution.

Proactive discussions that focus on the details of government contracting best practices and compliance are essential for the successful performance of a government contract.

Government Contract Process

Government Contract Compliance Successful contractors ensure compliance through a variety of interactive regulations, which are instrumental in providing the Best Value to the Government. The key words are "Best Value.' To be evaluated as the "Best Value" proposal, the price is not necessarily the lowest. The Government has found that sometimes a lower priced bid could actually result in a higher cost due to poor performance, misunderstanding the performance specifications, and a less experienced contractor. The Government has found that in those cases the final costs of lower priced bids may actually cost more in the end. If your bid is higher, make sure you justify the higher cost and demonstrate why it would be the "Best Value" for the Government to award the contract to you - as an ethical, responsible, responsive, talented contractor.

The Busch Law Firm can help you with:

Government contracts may be complex, but they are also ripe with opportunity for your business. To reap the rewards and manage the risk, contact the Busch Law Firm. We make contract administration best practices our number one priority.

About Those Contract Administration Best Practices...

Effective and efficient counseling by an experienced government contracts attorney is essential for government prime contractors and subcontractors. You need to avoid the pitfalls of this complex, yet potentially rewarding marketplace. Sure, we will represent you when issues arise, but we also advise you on how to prevent such issues.

A proactive approach to the contract process can help structure:

    Government Contract Compliance
  • Requests for equitable adjustments as merely an administrative process;

  • Effective contract administration;

  • Subcontractor relationships;

  • Strategic relationships;

  • Teaming arrangements; and

  • Termination for convenience settlement recovery.

Proactive government contract administration can resolve many pre-award or post-award issues. In addition, effective contract administration best practices can prepare the contractor for the potential of a government investigation or audit. Wouldn't you like to avoid those headaches?

Government Contractor Compliance - Do You Comply?

Can you be sure that your current contracts, past performance, and supporting documents demonstrate your ethics?

Government Contractor Ethics. is extremely important in the Government contract process. In that regard, ethical compliance is a factor in determining the Best Value for the Government and an obvious element to control performance costs.

When you have a history of ethical performance, this demonstrates to the Government that the prime contractor and subcontractor(s) are "responsible" vendors.

The Busch Law Firm will analyze your ability to succeed in your ethical obligations.

We look at our services as protection of your assets, not a legal expense.

The Source for Government Contracts Compliance

The Busch Law Firm provides education and counsel to our clients. We want you to understand the Government marketplace and find success in it. We go out of our way to be available and will provide reasonable round the clock availability.

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