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Government Small Business Contracts

The Government has specifically made contracts available to benefit small business. If you own a qualifying small company or are responsible for sales at a small business, consider government contracts with the assistance of a government contracts attorney.

Government Programs for Small Business

There are a number of federal and state contracting programs designed to maximize opportunities for small business and promote socio-economic development. These federal and state procurement policies ensure that a certain type of money must be used to advance public policies.

Those preference programs include:

    Government Small Business Contracts
  • 8(a);

  • HUBzone;

  • Small Disadvantaged Businesses;

  • Women-Owned Small Businesses;

  • Veteran-Owned Small Business;

  • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses; and

  • Native American Businesses.

Each of these preference programs have their own policies and requirements that make the award and administration of a preference government contract complex. It is easy to unintentionally make a mistake in the qualification, award, and performance of these contracts. You do not want to experience those mistakes when dealing with the Government.

The Busch Law Firm helps eligible small businesses become preference contractors in the appropriate programs. Our representation would then include interaction with the public sector agency to ensure a fair, competitive solicitation is issued to maximize any opportunity for socio-economic development through a preference set-aside.

Government Contracts for Small Business

An early and proper qualification determination is instrumental in helping you have the "maximum practicable opportunity" to compete for Government business.

Along with size determinations, the structure of your company, ownership, and performance requirements must all be reviewed. At some point, these qualification criteria must be certified by you to the Government. The certification documentation must be accurate and complete.

The Busch Law firm can assist you with that designation.

Socio-Economic Policy and the "Set-Aside"

The Government has a number of government procurement processes for small businesses. Each process relies on various methods of award to benefit the small business and promote socio-economic development. The most used method is a "set-aside."

A "set-aside" limits competition for a contract award to small businesses or a specific group of small businesses like those mentioned in the list above. The set-aside is a competition between a pool of contractors with similar qualifications. In addition, this socio-economic procurement process involves both prime contract opportunities and any resulting sub-contract relationships.

Once the set-aside contract is awarded, the contractor's performance is the sole factor for business success like any other award. The preference status does not affect your obligations to perform at the highest level of your expertise.

The Busch Law Firm can assist you in all steps of these complex government procurements.

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